PHEV January registrations grow 85% in European markets

In tough trading conditions sale of hybrids and pure electric cars continue to grow YOY. With the overall European car market down 26% YOY, PHEVs grew 85% and all electric grew 18%.

Market share for plug in electric cars of new car registrations grew to 14% (5.6% for BEV alone) in the European market. This compares to 6.6% market share in January 2020.

Market share of plug in electrics is behind in the UK with 21.3% of market share in January.

Best selling Plug-in Electric cars

The table above from shows the top selling plug-in electric cars in Europe for Jan 2021.

Top of the list is the Volvo XC40 PHEV, which sold 573 in Germany, its biggest market. Compared to its newly launched all electric sibling which sold an impressive 1,027 units and is likely to increase in the coming months.

Second spot goes to the all electric and ever popular Renault Zoe with 3,520 units sold.

Running a close third is the KIA Niro EV with 3,123 registrations. This is 137% up on January 2020. The two main markets were the UK (950 registrations) and France (748 registrations, a new monthly record).

The PHEV 330e came in fourth place, popular with company car drivers.

Taking 5th spot and making it 3 out of 5 for pure electric was the VW ID.3. The German car sold 2,978 units last month. However, production is still ramping up which means sales and rankings are likely to rise in the coming months.

Noted for its absence in the table is the Tesla model 3 with production halted until early March. The worlds best selling electric car in 2020 (over 365,000 sold) will no doubt be up in the rankings when availability returns.

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