Jaguar E-Type Zero gets Royal approval

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Jaguar E-Type Zero gets Royal approval

e-type zero electric car

The Jaguar E-Type Zero was the get away car of choice of the newly married Duke and Duchess of Sussex. This maintains the historic car trend set by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge who drove the convertible Aston Martin DB6 owned by Prince Charles.

However the Jaguar E-type Zero has a major difference in that it is 100% electric. The zero was first debuted in September 2017 by Jaguar.

The Jaguar E-type Zero is based on a 1968 Series 1.5 Jaguar E-type. Electrifying looks with its drop top and beautiful blue finish. Zero emissions. Electrifying performance. The Zero will sprint 0-60mph in just 5.5 seconds.

Leaving as much of the original 1968 Series 1.5 E-Type intact as possible, Jaguar replaced the original inline-six engine with an electric motor delivering 220 kW.

The Jaguar E-Type Zero’ has a range of 170 miles and is powered by a 40kWh battery pack. Charging is quoted at 7 hours for a full charge.

With a starting price of £350,000 you may have to be royalty to afford one.

Unsurprisingly Electric Car Experts have not yet reviewed this car model. Neither will we be doing it very soon. If you have the pleasure of owning one we would love you to review it on our behalf. Alternatively if you are close to the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex please feel free to send them our link and ask them if they have 5 minutes to share their opinion!

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Specification: Jaguar E-Type Zero gets Royal approval

Price Range From (£)

Vehicle Type

Average Range (Miles)

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Engine Power (Kw)


Battery Warranty

8 Years, 100,000 Miles

Vehicle Warranty

3 Years, Unlimited Miles

CO2 Emissions (g/KW)

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Jaguar E-Type Zero gets Royal approval
Jaguar E-Type Zero gets Royal approval

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