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Tesla Model 3 – the entry level Tesla

Tesla’s smaller model, the Tesla model 3 is the entry level into the all-electric world of Tesla. Offered in 3 variants, Standard Plus, Long range AWD and Performance. Starting prices are £40,490, £46,990 and ££56,490. The entry model Standard plus is rear wheel drive only, the others are all wheel drive. The models are pretty much as described with performance increasing as you go up in price.

Size wise the model 3 is a medium size saloon, approximately BMW 3 series or Mercedes C-class in size.

Tesla Model 3 interiorWith 360 cameras, a 160m forward radar, 12 ultrasonic sensors and the most advanced software the Model 3 has the most advanced automatic pilot on the market. This will continue to advance further as Telsa continually upgrades its software with overnight downloads.

Electric Car Experts have not yet reviewed the Tesla Model 3 but will being doing very shortly. In the mean time please share your experiences of this car with the Electric Car Experts Community. We look forward to reading your reviews of this popular car.

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Manufacturer’s Max Electric Range
267/360/352 Miles
Engine Power
54/62/75 Kw
CO2 Emissions
0.00 g/KW
Price From
£ 40,490/46,990/56,490
Battery Warranty
8 Years
100,000 miles
Vehicle Warranty
4 Years
50,000 Miles


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