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MG ZS EV backIs the new MG ZS EV one of the first 2020 electric vehicle models to actually bring the price point down to a realistic level? Priced from £27,995 (after Plug-in car grant) for the entry level Excite model (£24,495 for the the Exclusive model) it certainly will open the EV market to the masses – those wanting to go electric with a more realistic budget.

First impressions on the MG ZS EV at ECE are that it looks pretty good for a compact SUV! It’s spacious inside, plenty of head room and leg room so great space for the family and topped off with a big boot. It has all the gadgets expected in an entry level EV like rear parking sensors and touchscreen infotainment system.

ZS EV’s range claims are not exceptional by today’s standards. Officially, a combined range of 163 miles is possible (City Range 231) compares to the latest e-Niro reaching 282 miles and the Renault Zoe at 186 miles. This of course with the side note that no electric car actually matches its official WLTP range in the real-world.

Charging the MG ZS EV at home with a Type 2 connector will take roughly 6-7 hours to fully charge the 44.5kWh battery from flat. From a public CCS point, it can take up to 50kW, giving a 0-80% top-up in around 40 minutes.

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Specification: MG ZS EV

Price Range From (£)

Average Range (Miles)

CO2 Emissions (g/KW)

Vehicle Type

Manufacturers Plug-In Range (Miles)


Model Options

Excite, Exclusive

Engine Power (Kw)


Battery Warranty

7 Years, 80,000 Miles

Vehicle Warranty

7 Years, 80,000 Miles

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  1. EV Owner


    Forgot all the China haters, made in China it must be rubbish, go and try one and who cares if it looks like a copy Mazda 5 or whatever, all SUVS look the same anyway so who’s copying who!!!!

    + PROS: The MG ZS EV is exceptional value for money for what you get. First of all do NOT take any notice of reviewers stating that its not nice to drive and or suffers from wind/road noise. This car is quick, silent, smooth and a pleasure and so easy to drive. In the urban environment it really excels and if you have a home charger which most people will hopefully have means you can charge it every night and enjoy the responsiveness and acceleration that this car provides and not worry about economy as it will be very unlikely you will drive more than 150 miles a day around a town/city. It really is nice to drive and I can't understand any reviewer stating that it is not. If you worry about figures it will do 0-60 in 7.5 secs and it will (speaking from experience max out at 96 Mph, not 87). You will have no problem on the motorway it will out accelerate most cars easily and you will not feel intimidated in any way. Due to the price (and possibly MGs choice) this car does not have an app to control the car as in a Tesla or some other EV cars but if you have never had it you won't miss it. Go and test drive the car you will enjoy it, for example I took out a Kia E-Niro and the cars were very similar to drive. The Kia was a better ride and slightly faster and was a better car but and here is the big but, it was NOT worth an extra £13000 to buy compared to the MG. The MG is not perfect and here are the main bad points:- a. Too many bongs from the car to warn you about stupid things, for example, I don't like the lane keeping assist and I turn it off permantly however the car keeps telling me on start up that's its off with a bloody bong, I know its off, I turned it off. b. If one of your kids opens the rear door before you have opened yours it beeps the horn 3 times in succession, why!!!. c. It will only RAPID charge on DC (ie CCS plug) and not AC so this reduces your choice when on a long trip. d. Range, on the motorway at 70mph (I don't drive any slower unless conditions make it so) at least at this time of year I only manage to get about 120 miles before needing a charge but for peace of mind on a Motorway trip I stop about ever 80 miles to charge up. e. Due to the range I will be the first to admit (unless time is not a problem for you) that the MG ZS EV is best in the urban environment where it excels.
    - CONS: Only one thing really the range on the Motorway.
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