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The VW ID.3 offers cutting edge technology at a price that is comparable with traditional petrol and diesel cars.

The VW ID.3 is a five-door, rear-drive, five-seat hatchback.  It comes with the choice of three battery sizes,  depending on how far and in what style you’d like to drive. Each of the VW ID.3’s three potential battery sizes can easily handle a family’s day to day needs. The manufacturers max mileage claims range from a comfortable 217 miles up to an impressive 336 miles, easily beating it’s market rivals the BMW i3 and the Nissan Leaf and competing at it’s max range with the likes of Tesla.

The ID.3 has a total of 5 trims to choose and configure to suit your needs. The ID.3 Life starting at £29,620, the Id.3 Style starting at £33,720, the ID.3 Family starting at £33,640, the ID.3 Max £37,730 and finally the ID.3 Tour starting at £38,800 (all priced including the government car grant).

Battery and Charging

The battery variants are the Pure (45Kw), Pure Performance (150PS 45kWh), Pro (145PS 58kWh), Pro Performance (204PS 58kWh) and Pro S (204PS 77kWh). The 58kWh battery can recharge a range of up to approx. 260 miles in 30 mins and with the biggest battery, you can travel up to 336 miles on full charge.

The entry level Life option gives a total range of 217 miles or 263 miles depending on your choice of the ‘Pure Performance’,’Pro’, and ‘Pro Performance’ battery options. The Style is only available with the ‘Pure Performance’ option giving up to 216 miles on one charge but does includes many ‘extras’ in the starting price such as Keyless entry, air conditioning and alloy wheels (not included in the starting price of the Life model). The family option also offers the ‘Pro Performance’ achieving a max range of 263 miles.

The ID.3 Max is available with  the ‘Pro Performance’ battery giving a max range of 258 miles and the ID.3 Tour is the only trim available with the ‘Pro S’  battery giving an impressive max range of 336 miles.


All models include the Pro touch-screen navigation infotainment system and many other technical features either as standard. or additional add-on options. The steering wheel and infotainment screen are taken from from the latest Golf 8.

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Specification: VW ID.3

Price Range From (£)

, ,

Vehicle Type

Average Range (Miles)

, ,

Manufacturer's Range (Miles)

217, 263, 366

Model Options

Life, Style, Family, Max, Tour

Engine Power (Kw)

45, 58, 77

Battery Warranty

8 Years, 160,000 Miles

Vehicle Warranty

2 Years, Unlimited Miles, 3rd Year 60,000 Miles

CO2 Emissions (g/KW)

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