New Fiat 500 Electric

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The All New Fiat 500 Electric is still a retro Italian icon with the bonus of all the latest technology

The New 500 Electric is the first small car to bring Level 2 Autonomous Driving, meaning it will accelerate, brake and stay within the lane autonomously, promising a superior level of safety.

The New Fiat 500 Hatchback has 4 variations, the Fiat 500 Action, the Fiat 500 Passion, the Fiat 500 Icon and the Fiat 500 La Prima. Pricing starts from £19,995 for the Action and £26,995 for LA PRIMA (including the government car grant). The New Fiat 500 Cabrio comes in the Passion starting at £26,145, the Icon and LA Prima models.

Each model promises the same Iconic Fiat 500 design trims with colours such as Glacier Blue and Mineral Grey inspired by nature. All models also come with the latest technology including streamlined electric door handles and an energy saving ‘Sherpa’ mode. Manufacturer’s driving range is 115 miles for the smaller battery and up to 199 miles with the 42kWh option. This beats the MINI Electric which has a max manufacturers range of 145 miles.

Battery and Charging

The Entry Level Action model comes with the 24kWh battery. All the other models have the choice of either a 24kWh or 42kWh lithium-ion battery that powers a 117bhp (87kW) electric motor. With the 42kWh battery, the new Fiat 500 can be fast charged at 50 Kw giving 30 miles with a quick 6 minute charge and 80% full battery charge in 30 minutes. Also included is a 3 mode charger which allows charging at any public 50 Kw charger station.


For the entry level Action model  your own smartphone is is the centre of the 500 connectivity. Placed in it’s dedicated cradle, using the Fiat Smart Audio App, you can safely access functions, including navigation, music, energy flow, driving history, and battery status. The Passion comes with it’s own Uconnect5 Infotainment system with a 7″ display that connects to your smartphone, allowing you to see all your favourite apps. The Icon and La Prima models include the new Cinerama Infotainment system with a 10.25″ display. As well as connecting to your phone it has a customisable interface that including navigation and speech recognition software.

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Specification: New Fiat 500 Electric

Price Range From (£)

, ,

Vehicle Type

Average Range (Miles)


Manufacturer's Range (Miles)

115, 199

Model Options

Action, Passion, Icon, La Prima

Engine Power (Kw)

70, 87

Battery Warranty

8 Years, 100,000 Miles

Vehicle Warranty

3 Years, Unlimited Miles

CO2 Emissions (g/KW)

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