Congratulations, you are Electric Car Innovators

EV owners lead the way as Electric Car Innovators

diffusion of innovation rogers bell curve

EV owners are leading the way as Electric Car Innovators in the market. With the EV market now commanding 2% of UK new car registrations, the time for early adopters is coming and with that faster market growth.

As you can see from the innovation adoption lifecycle chart above the EV is in its infancy, with the true market innovators showing the way. With any new technology the risk taking pioneers show the way, statistically these pioneers are well educated, risk takers with high incomes. They are willing to be the test bed for new technologies as they are refined and become cheaper through higher volume production and further innovations. You are the true leaders of the EV revolution!

Following closely behind will be the early adopters, slightly more risk averse but have the highest degree of opinion leadership, they are key to communicating the benefits of EV’s, they will push the market growth quickly and into the mainstream.

We need your help, you, the Electric Car Innovators, to push the market forward into Early Adopter territory by posting your electric car reviews and opinions of your vehicles, let them know what its like living with your electric car on a daily basis, its pros, its cons, what is the range actually? are there enough charge points out there? We can’t wait to hear from you, the Electric Car Experts.

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