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The fourth best selling electric vehicle in the UK the BMW 330e PHEV is a sporty executive saloon aimed at the company car market.

bmw 330 e phev

With an electric only range of 23 miles and CO2 output of 49 g/km it is in the lowest tax group for company car drivers.

The petrol and electric motors combine to a total power output of 248bhp giving performance of 0-62mph in 6.1 seconds and a top speed of 140mph.

These emissions put the car in the lowest company car tax bracket which is important as the company carmarket is the target for this vehicle.

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Manufacturer’s Max Electric Range
23 Miles
Engine Power
248bhp Kw
CO2 Emissions
Price From
£ 36,400
Battery Warranty
6 Years
62,000 miles
Vehicle Warranty
3 Years
unlimited Miles
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