Audi aims for 800,000 Electric and Hybrid Vehicles by 2025

Audi announces 800,000 electric and hybrid vehicles target for 2025

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At the Audi Group annual general meeting the company updated the audience on its long-term electric vehicle plans. They announced four new electric car models to be introduced by 2020. In addition they announced a fully autonomous electric car in 2021. This will be based on the Audi Aicon concept car. One of the more aggressive timelines of a major manufacturer in tandem with VW for obvious reasons. Audi also announced that there will be more than 20 electric or hybrid vehicle models available by 2025, with a targeted production of 800,000 units.

Ruper Stadler, Chairman of AUDI AG stated; “Our ambition has always been and will continue to be Vorsprung durch Techni.” He then added; “Our goal is to revolutionise mobility. Also in electric mobility, we want to become the Number 1 among the premium manufacturers. With full suitability for everyday use, no compromises, top quality and driving pleasure for the customer. With our technological excellence, we are utilising our Vorsprung and lifting electric mobility to the next level.”

The Audi e-tron Sportback will be the second fully electric car with a targeted launch of 2019. Closely followed by the Audi e-tron GT from Audi Sport in 2020.

More lack of ambition?

Whilst the 800,000 production target for electric and hybrid vehicles sounds impressive, we have to look at it in the context of overall production. Audi also stated that their 2025 total production target is 2.4 million cars (up from 1.8 million in 2018). Therefore the ‘EV’ target represents only a third of total production. Audi did not breakdown the ratio of electric to hybrid vehicles which would have been interesting.

At Electric Car Experts we find a target of only a third of cars produced in 7 years time disappointing. We would also like to see the targeted breakdown of full electric to hybrid vehicles. This will give further insight into Audi’s true electric ambitions.

As always though, despite the best laid plans of Audi, the market will influence the production levels required.


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