Zipcar to add 325 e-Golf vehicles to its London Fleet

Zipcar to add 325 e-Golf vehicles to its London Fleet

zipcar e-golf london

Zipcar, the UK’s largest car-sharing network have announced it will be adding 325 e-Golfs to its network. In partnership with VW Zipcar will have 100 Zipcar e-Golfs by the summer and will add a further 225 later this year.

This will make the Zipcar electric only car fleet the largest sharing pool in the UK.

Jonathan Hampson, General Manager for Zipcar UK, said: “In encouraging this change we have always wanted to use the cleanest possible vehicles. We are incredibly proud and excited to team up with Volkswagen for this zero emissions initiative. Importantly, it marks another step towards our vision for a greener London where car sharers outnumber car owners. This will make our amazing city an even better place to live for all.”

The e-Golf will be available to Zipcar customers using its Flex service. This gives drivers the flexibility of minute billing and one-way trips. An ideal product for zipping around in London. The e-Golf will be immediately available on the Zipcar app.

“This is an exciting step for Volkswagen. Thousands of Zipcar members will experience electric driving, perhaps for the first time.  We know they will love the functionality and ease of use that the all-electric e-Golf provides,” Alison Jones, Managing Director of Volkswagen UK, said. “Inner-city residents are looking for alternatives to car ownership. The exciting development of the relationship between Volkswagen and Zipcar offers the best of both worlds. This will increase 0n-demand driving and zero emission motoring across the UK’s capital.”

“By making electric driving more widely accessible and available to Londoners, it’s hoped the introduction of 300+ shared e-Golf cars will help break down current barriers to greater EV adoption and take electric driving from niche to mainstream in the capital.”

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