First Look – Jaguar iPace

Jaguar iPace in the flesh

jaguar ipace electric car side

We finally got our eyes on the Jaguar iPace at a local launch event. It is an amazing looking 100% electric car which is sure to wow other road users. The 22 inch alloys on the event car really emphasized the sporty lines of the car. The finish in black metallic with the blacked rear light clusters and rear passenger windows really gave the iPace the wow factor.

iPace Interior

jaguar ipace centre consoleThe interior is superbly finished, this example having full leather and a suede headlining which gives the iPace a luxury feel.

The touch screen control panel is high quality with a very high definition screen. Seating controls and heating dials also have nifty LCD displays built in that give the car a futuristic feel. Although not as simple as the Tesla all-in one display the iPace solution will appeal more to traditional Jaguar drivers. A step in the right direction rather than a leap of faith, Jaguar have done well to fulfill the needs of current and new customers.

The steering wheel has a lovely feel to it and is not over burdenedjaguar ipace steering wheel with controls, again keeping it simple. The driver instruments are again high definition LED with a high quality finish to them.

The centre arm rest has a useful storage space within and comes with 12v supply, micro-sim slot and not one but two USB slots! No more arguing as to who can charge their phones.

The front seats are very comfortable and appear to be adjustable in any way possible. The rear is disappointing in that it is only big enough for two adults. It also jaguar ipace rear seatsfeels dark and quite cramped in the rear. The hinges for the in car jaguar ipace bootentertainment screens did not help this feeling, as they felt a bit ‘in your face’. That said the rear seats were comfortable and easy to get in and out of.

Boot space is generous, as we have come to expect from 100% electric cars. There was a golf club in the boot to demonstrate the size, I doubt that you could get two sets in though.


There is a small but useful luggage area under the front bonnet, perfect for storing the charging ipace under bonnet storage Door pockets also add to internal storage, being provided on all four doors.

Although the car is stunning to look at, aggressive at the front and rear with sweeping sides, I was disappointed with the size.

I was under the impression that the Jaguar iPace would be a competitor to the Tesla X, but it is simply not big enough. It is a good size family car, 4 adults, 2 adults and 2 kids, no problem. But it has no-where near the storage capacity of the Tesla X. It is a similar size to a Audi A5 or VW Tiguan, more of a mid size SUV.


jaguar ipace frontTalking to the jaguar representative performance levels are as first published. Just under 300 miles of range, subject as always to driving and climatic conditions. 0-62mph in a shade over 4 seconds is impressive, with the equivalent of 400hp this is a powerful car. As we know with 100% electric cars, the power is always there, drivers will have to be careful not to get themselves into trouble!

Twin electric motors powering both axles give all wheel drive. The 90kw battery gives plenty of power and good range. Real life range of course to be determined by the owners!


There is no doubt that this example was highly specified, 22 inch alloys, suede headlining, full leather, all the bells and whistles. This car as specified was over £85,000. However the basic car, with the same 90kw battery and electric motors starts at £62,500. With only 18 inch alloys, the car will look very different.

Deliveries will start in July for those who were quick to order, Jaguar are only building to order to keep demand levels high. Delivery dates for new orders are now early 2019.

Unfortunately there was no Jaguar iPace available to test drive, we hope to get our hands on one soon so watch this space.

  1. Eamonn, I agree with your point on the charging socket, I was very surprised at its location and thought it wasn’t very practical. Your real life experience of charging really helps our users appreciate these important points before committing to buy.
    I missed the most economical speed being 25mph which is another good point. However they also recommend town driving to extend the range through braking.
    I was also told the air suspension was standard, mixed messages from different dealers, Jaguar need to get their story straight.

  2. Eamonn Dorling EV Owner May 12, 2018 at 12:24 pm

    Having seen it, I was a little underwhelmed. A funny point being the high tech dashboard using a petrol pump icon to indicate the available range. Range is now thought to be about 240 miles, if true that’s quite good but most manufacturers are very optimistic, apparently the most economical speed is 25mph, I said that if I spend £70k on a car it had better do more than that. Apparently the battery set up costs £25,000, they need to find a way of reducing that by 90%. I prefer a socket at tge back so I can revers in to the charging point, the ipace is on the near side front wing. Air suspension is £1,600 extra, maybe my C class hybrid will need to do a few more miles yet…..

  3. Eamonn Dorling EV Owner May 11, 2018 at 6:42 am

    I am attending a launch in Peterborough on Saturday 12th May, I have several questions, but fewer now that I have read your excellent review, thanks.

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