Electric and Hybrid new car market share grows as market recovers

Electric and hybrid new car registrations continued to show growth and take market share in the recovering market. SMMT data shows overall the new car market grew 28% in June 2021 YOY to 186,128.

Overall the market grew 28% YOY in June 2021, with YTD growth at 39%. Pure electric grew an impressive 123% from 8,903 to 19,842 registrations in June and 139% YTD to 73,893. This represents a market share of 10.7% (6.1% in 2020) for June and 8.1% YTD (4.7%).

Mild hybrids

Mild Hybrids had the strongest June YOY growth at 287% (250% YTD) for Petrol MHEV with 25,170 registrations. Diesel MHEV grew 193% (191% YTD) with 11,389 registered. The mild hybrid share of the market continues to grow to a combined total of 19.6% (18.7% YTD). As stated in previous months the ‘Mild Hybrids” have little electric range and have been developed by manufacturers to have ‘green’ credentials but in reality are minimally developed vehicles developed to satisfy demand for hybrid/electric cars with as little cost as possible. This marketing ploy is having a big impact on the market to the detriment of full electric and hybrid new car sales.

electric and hybrid new car sales june 2021

Diesel and Petrol continue to suffer

Diesel sales continue to struggle, down 35% to 15,027 in June. Market share is down nearly 50% in the month from 15.8.5 to 8.1%. YTD market share is down to 10.2% from 18.2%

Petrol registrations were pretty flay in June, down 1.7% and up 12.7% YOY. However this is in a market that is up 39% YOY so market share has suffered, down to 46.4% (60.5% 2020) in June and 48.6% (60.1% 2020) YTD.

Telsa Model 3 best selling car in June

Worthy of note is that the Tesla Model 3 was the best selling car in June 2021, a pure electric car topping the charts!

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