Bookmycharge hopes for boost after surge in Electric Car sales

Peer to peer electric car charging network sees potential boost with Electric Car sales up 13.5% in Q1

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  • Untapped home electric car charging infrastructure could reach 100,000 by September 2018
  • Home charge-point installations over 7,600 in Q1
  • Bookmycharge hope to harness home charging network to bring confidence and convenience to electric car owners

The UK home electric car charging network continues to grow on the back of the growth in electric car registrations. Q1 sales increased 13.5% year on year with growth accelerating in March. During this period a further 7,600 home electric car charging points were installed, encouraged by the government grants.

With over 85,000 domestic charge-points now installed, the home charging network dwarfs the 6,000 public charging locations. Bookmycharge, a peer to peer sharing platform aims to help electric car owners take advantage of this much larger network.

Jan Stannard, Co-founder of Bookmycharge, said: “Our mission is to help EV drivers maximise the potential of the UK’s huge domestic charge-point network. We want to encourage a ‘sharing economy’ so that the EV community can access the wealth of home charging locations.

“Bookmycharge expects the number of domestic charge-points to reach 100,000 later this year. Then registered EV owners can travel with confidence and easily book and pay for a convenient charge wherever they are.” launched in 2017 to tackle the ‘charging doubt’ of electric car owners and potential owners. It offers electric car drivers a booking facility at hundreds of home charge-points across the UK. The service works in a similar way to Airbnb by bringing together those with charge-points and those wanting to charge, while providing the interface to take reservations and payments via the platform.

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