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The Model S has a NHTSA 5-star safety rating in every category and subcategory, and a record for the lowest probability of occupant injury.

The Tesla model S 75 uses a 75 kWh battery pack that feeds the electric motors mounted front and rear (all drive wheels) that produce together 518 HP and have an EPA driving range of 259 miles.

tesla model s 75dThe Tesla Model S  75D comes standard with a 17.0-inch captive touch screen with navigation, a Wi-Fi hotspot, power-distributed heated mirrors, two USB ports for smartphone connectivity and load, heated front seats at 12 Channels, illuminated door handles, led indoor ambient lighting, and LED fog lights.

Electric Car Experts have not yet reviewed the Tesla model S 75. But will being doing very shortly, in the mean time please share your experiences of this car with the Electric Car Experts Community. 

You can read our review on the S 100 D here.

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Manufacturer’s Max Electric Range
Engine Power
75 Kw
CO2 Emissions
Price From
£ 66000
Battery Warranty
C - CO2 < 111-120 g/KM Years
Vehicle Warranty
Look and Living
Performance and Drive
Range, Charging and Greenness
Specifications and Extras
Reliability, Safety and Security
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