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The Mercedes-Benz B250e is no longer in production but is still available on the used car market.

The B250e was the company’s first mass produced pure EV, developed jointly with Tesla. After selling their shares in Tesla Mercedez-Benz halted prodcution of the B250e in October 2017 and began developing their new EQ sub-brand EV range .

The pure electric Mercedes B-Class, available new from 2015-2017 was based on the standard A-class and B-class production models, allowing them to minimise the required engineering changes.

The motor produces 179bhp, meaning the B-class Electric Drive achieves 0-62mph in <8 seconds. The B250e has 3 drive modes:

  1. Economy Plus – reduces the motor output to 83bhp with a top speed of 68mph.
  2. Economy – reduces motor output to 132bhp
  3. Sport – full motor output og 132bph

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Manufacturer’s Max Electric Range
95 Miles
Engine Power
132 Kw
CO2 Emissions
0.00 g/KW
Price From
£ 28,000
Battery Warranty
Vehicle Warranty
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  1. 4.65
    Look and Living
    Performance and Drive
    Charging and Greenness
    Specifications and Extras

    I purchased a 161 import from UK for Ireland – 1100 charge points currently on all major routes across island of Ireland. However, the time necessary to charge suits me as retired person but we keep a petrol vehicle for longer distance travel i.e. Cork to Belfast or Dublin where two stops would be required to achieve range and certainly not across country. Very happy with purchase at excellent price but planning on investing in either Mercedes EQC or alternative longer range vehicle in three years time to achieve longer range, rapid charging and access to a much greater distributed charging infrastructure across Ireland and UK then.

    + PROS: Fully automatic, Park Auto Pilot, artificial leather, heated seats, SatNav, rear view camera, quality interior, quiet, comfortable, fast, Tesla battery and drivetrain; sports, eco and eco+ drive options, exudes quality, ideal if driving 100-150km per day
    - CONS: Range 193km full charge on E setting, 215km on E+ Slow charge 4.5 hours using 32A/240v home charger, 3.5 hours rapid 43kw AC at service station, heavy 1.75 tonnes so less efficient; not best range for long-distance commute as no rapid charge
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