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ECE first impressions on the Jaguar I-PACE are that it looks amazing with it’s sporty, aerodynamic design and definately has the WOW factor. See our first look at the I-Pace post from whenwe first set eyes on it at the London Motor Show.

Jaguar I-Pace Battery Technology

Motors integrated in the front and rear axles

Priced from £60,995 (after Plug-in car grant) the Jaguar I-PACE has a 90 kWh battery pack giving a single charge range of 298 miles (officially). We have not tested the real life range at ECE but have been told it can manage over 250 miles; impressively surpassing most other electric cars like the Tesla Model S and Model X in similar tests.

Jaguar I-PACE has two permanent magnet synchronous electric motors providing 400PS and 696Nm of useable instant torque. With built-in all-wheel-drive traction, Jaguar I-PACE accelerates from 0-60mph in 4.5 seconds.

Recharging at a 50kW public charger can be done in approx 90min with a 100 kW taking a mere 40 min. More practically, when charging overnight at home via a standard wall box takes approx 10 hours.

Electric Car Experts have not yet reviewed this car model. But will being doing so very shortly. In the mean time please share your real life experiences of this car with the Electric Car Experts Community. What’s your real world range and charging experiences? how do you find the technology? share your pros and cons. 

Please add your review and help our community with your valued experience  and feedback.

Manufacturer’s Max Electric Range
298 Miles
Engine Power
90 Kw
CO2 Emissions
0.00 g/KW
Price From
£ 60,995
Battery Warranty
8 Years
100,000 miles
Vehicle Warranty
3 Years
No Cap Miles
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