Waymo announce Jaguar I-Pace SUV self-drive technology testing for H2 2018

Waymo and Jaguar agree deal to use I-Pace SUV for self-drive technology testing

jaguar I-pace suv waymo test

At a PR event prior to this weeks NY motor show Waymo and Jaguar announce that the I-Pace SUV will begin  Waymo self-drive technology testing later this year on the public roads of Phoenix, Arizona.

Both companies expect the all electric SUV to be part of the full Waymo fleet by 2020. Up to 20,000 I-Paces will join the fleet in the first two years of production. Waymo intend to launch a driver-less service which will give the public the chance to book rides in the self-drive cars.

Waymo already has five other cars in its fleet including the Chrysler Pacifica, a semi-truck with off-road capabilities.

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