Nissan Renault Group dominates European Electric Vehicle Sales

Nissan Leaf and Renault Zoe top the sales charts

october electric vehicle sales chart

October 2018 European electric vehicle sales figures show that the Nissan Leaf and Renault Zoe top the sales charts.

With 27.4% (16.8% and 14.8% respectively) of the Electric Vehicle sales market the shared platform vehicles dominate new registrations in October. Year to date they remain top of the sales league with 20.2% (11.0% and 9.2%).

100% electric vehicles now constitute 52% of the market with hybrids now at 48%.  The YTD share is at 45% for full electric, however the trend is towards a growing market share of the electric vehicle market as governments reduce grants and incentives given for hybrid vehicles.

The Mitsubishi Outlander remains the best selling PHEV in the market at 8.6% of the market in October (5.7% YTD).

Other 100% electric vehicles sales showing strong market growth are the VW e-Golf at 7.6% (5.1% YTD) and BMW i3 at 7.1% (6.3% YTD).

Interestingly Tesla market share has dropped as more and more 100% electric vehicles enter the market. Although the Tesla YTD share is 7.1% the monthly share in October is down to 2.9%. Clearly affordability of electric vehicles is affecting Tesla sales.

The electric vehicle market share of total vehicle shares continues to grow with 2.9% on October and 2.3% YTD. The growth is encouraging within Europe and hopefully will accelerate as more affordable models enter the market. The continued development of the charging infrastructure is just as important with addition and faster chargers coming online.

october electric vehicle sales data






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