Czech startup goes retro with Luka EV

Czech startup MW Motors unveils Luka EV


MW Motors unveiled its Luka EV, a retro looking 100% electric vehicle powered by in-hub motors. The in-wheel hub motors deliver 4 * 12.5kw resulting in 50kw total (66bhp). Power comes from a 21.9kwh battery pack. This and the cars light weight of only 815kg should deliver a range of up to 186 miles.

The Luka Ev’s performance is adequate, possibly disappointing for a 100% electric car. 0-62mph takes 9.5 seconds MW Motors in wheel electric motorswith a top speed of 90mph.

With such a small battery charging is quick, an 80% charge taking only 60 minutes. No details have been given for the type of charger required to achieve this.

Specifications are likely to include infotainment, air conditioning, navigation, electric windows and central locking.

There are also no details about the safety of the car, with no published crash test results for the Luka EV.

In-wheel motors give a low centre of gravity and improved space for passengers and luggage. However, the wheels take a hammering and raise the question of how robust these electric motors need to be?


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